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(first in a series)

It's true!  It sure can be!

We are often asked questions about getting dressed, questions about wardrobe building, what shirts or suit should be added next, what shoes and such. Then, too, what color socks to wear, will this necktie work with this shirt and coat, how do I take care of my shoes...the series of questions continues. We'd like to share these discussions with you, maybe you’ve asked them, too.  We hope to send you regular short messages like this one.  Your feedback and replies with further questions and comments will help foster future thoughts, discussions and messages which we hope will be fun and helpful.   

First, up...getting dressed for each day for work.  Personally, I try to use the same enthusiasm, whether dressing for work or social occasions.  Your outfit often reflects and expresses how you feel at that time.  It can also change how you feel by what you wear. 

For work, I wear a suit every day.  You might ask, "why do I wear a suit everyday"?  Besides the concept that it is my uniform, and, yes, it's easy.  Add to this -- I do so because it's professional, it helps present what I do as a profession to onlookers.  I've been stopped on the sidewalk by others who've said -- "if we go back to wearing suits – it’s okay with me.  It's actually easier each day than mixing more casual attire".  

The key -- more importantly to me, though, is the truth that it shows respect.  Putting on a suit -- the outfit you'll see me wearing -- hopefully, tells each person that I meet -- I value them enough to dress up for them.  Is this a factor that might help in your work environment as well?

"Getting Dressed Is Entertainment" is an expression as well as the title I've given to my routine in selecting what I will wear each day.  I hope to have fun with putting what I wear together, with the outfits I wear each day.  I know, that's abit crazy, but, why not?

Each morning before I get to the closet -- I've found that I'm really getting dressed for two separate audiences.  The first audience is the mirror on the wall. Mr. Mirror is the most difficult of the two audiences, does not grade on the curve -- I must get the thumbs up vote from the mirror before I can consider seeing audience number two.

Our second audience is everyone else, including family.  Once you've gotten to this audience...out into the day -- hopefully, you'll have had a little fun preparing yourselves for how you will present yourself to those with whom you come in contact.  If you do this, you might receive fun comments, even from an occasional stranger.  I have.  This can be very entertaining.

When getting dressed in the first place, I try to use the colors in my clothing -- sometimes to blend or repeat and sometimes to contrast -- this is your self expression showing through while making the same suit with varied shirt and tie combinations --  appear as though you have yet another suit.

Of course, there have been those days when I'm sure that I must have blinked in front of the home mirror.  On those days I'd arrive at work, check things out one last time, gasp and turn red, pray for that day to end quickly so I could return to the closet to make the needed changes.  

Thank you for taking the time to read.  We hope you'll send in your comments about subjects you might like discussed.  We'll search for proper replies and share the thoughts.

All The Best,